BD6touch is a minimalist wooden music player that invites tactile user interaction through a series of wooden blocks. Each user programmable…

Vagabond mini

Vagabond mini is an ultra portable minimalist bluetooth audio amplifier designed to power any existing speakers, giving them a new life and reducing landfill waste

3D Fossil Scanning

Exploring the creation of accurate digital models though 3D scanning to assist in the preservation of museum fossils and development of non-destructive storage and display methods


Hive is a concept Cafe/Bar for which a range of geometric furniture with embedded smart electronics has been developed

Pod Audio

Pod Audio is an organically sculpted speaker drawing influences from the ‘Datura’ seed pod and the audio induced geometric patterns of ‘ferrofluid’

STYX Saddles

STYX Saddles are ergonomic, noseless bicycle saddles designed to reduce the problematic pressures placed on the body by traditional saddles. The hybrid 3D printed and wooden construction allows for a wide range of customisation, accommodating your anatomy and riding style


‘limbU’ is a 3D printed attachment for prosthetic legs, functioning as a medical diagnostic tool, interchangeable aesthetic cover, activity tracker and personal entertainment system


‘rotoblade’ is a smart phone controllable sleek and modern ceiling fan manufactured using cost effective rotational moulding techniques

The Huxley Collection

The Huxley Collection is a range wooden strong, durable and functional CNC furniture, The Huxley Modular range consists of 4 pieces that combine to make over 20 furniture combinations from coffee tables to beds


Curve is an iphone and ipad dock hand crafted using modern and traditional techniques from natural and renewable materials

reclaim watches

‘reclaim’ Watches

‘reclaim’ watches are constructed from unexpected reclaimed materials, the back story of which is available though each watches unique web page accessed through the QR code etched into the back plate

Further Explorations in Light…

A further set of images exploring the introduction of light into an environment otherwise completely devoid of such